August's Silver Linings Unboxing! August 13, 2016 15:12

The theme of each months Bliss Box just comes to us really.... there is no rhyme or reason on how we come up with it. Sometimes it's a mood or a season or a beautiful fall leaf that sends the creative juices flowing for our curation department.  August box was a delectable combination of Dr. Seuss meets a blue sky with everything being possible.
  • Hello Sunshine cork drink coasters by The Tulle Box-Home & Organizational Decor | Practical & Beautiful


  • Oh' the places you'll go lunch tote by Earth Cookie Creates-Festive eco-friendly & USA made products.


  • Old fashioned cinnamon hard rock candy by QUINN-Candy reimangined, updated and modernized for today that tugs at the heartstrings of yesterday.


  • Antique gold hot air balloon earrings by Lovely Fleur Jewelry-Vintage style romantic jewelry for every woman. 


  • 5x7 inspirational quoted themed "Silver Linings" Hang it, frame it swap it out next month with a new one!