It's Shipping Week! November 03, 2015 13:44

It's always a very exciting time during shipping week.... Why? Well for starters we literally have been bursting trying to keep this months artisan goodies a surprise  (as we do every month) but it never gets any easier especially after we snap a few brand partner photos!  Maybe a few "Sneak Peeks" here or there but really we want to show you all what's in store but we get it.... the surprise really is half of the fun right? PLUS, it's now November and we had our first heavy rainfall here in California YAY! 
A delightful excuse to wear warm winter boots and scarves to work.
Our team puts a great deal of thought into what goes into our Bliss Boxes and this month was no exception.... What will fit with our Destinations theme? What shades go well with this brand partners design? What skincare could our fans really use this month?  As always, we hope you enjoy November's box themed "Destinations" as much as we did curating it for you! We can't wait to see your #helloblissbox or @helloblissbox fan photos!
Be Blissful