Where do you find inspiration? August 17, 2015 12:26

August's Bliss Box quote:

Did you know every Hello! Bliss Box comes with a 5x7 inspirational quote?  The inspiration behind this sweet sentiment in every box is to make all women feel special, something to remind them of who they are and to always feel our best (even when we don't). These fun cardstock quotes are meant to be saved (or framed) and placed in the most conspicuous of places.... i.e. the bedside table, refrigerator, your desk at the office or even in your car on long commutes to work.  Let's get creative for a minute... what if you took that quote and left it at the park for just the right person to stumble upon and brighten "their" day?  A co-worker or deserving neighbor may benefit from some wise words.....  you just never know who's day a happy quote will improve!  Replace each months quote with a new one~ Be Blissful