Where it all began..... May 24, 2015 08:38

As we grow, it never hurts to look back on where we have been as a company.  Some of us have worn many hats (wife, mother, friend, business woman, problem solver).....  this picture reminds me of where we first started, a spark of an idea while rushing through the mall one day simply to find a little bliss. In the early months we were shipping out 4 boxes a month to wonderful customers who believed in a new company. Those 4 boxes would easily fit in this adorable tote that I proudly carry on shipping day. 

Today, things are a bit different. We have an assembly line, order over 10 pounds of shred filler a month, have a dedicated shipping area (not the dining room table anymore)  and fill up USPS carts full of happy mail! We couldn't be more grateful for our customers and our supportive family and friends.  I will never forget when a few boxes fit into my shipping tote which I proudly sport on the 5th (SHIPPING DAY YAY)!