Benefits of Subscription Boxes! March 16, 2015 13:04


Yup! We are a subscription box, a wonderfully addicting, surprise ride offered to you every month ! So we have thoughtfully compiled a list of our top 8 benefits of Subscription Boxes.  Ready?

1. TRY NEW PRODUCTS: Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on items that didn't meet your expectations or things you can find at every retail chain store, Subscriptions boxes offer you the ability to try fresh new products and learn about great brands that are simply unique and sometimes hard to find. Wonderfully crafted goodies!

2. CONVENIENCE: Yes, you CAN shop in your jammies AND wait for the mailman in your cool is that?  As a mom, I simply do not have time to gracefully peruse the malls while I slowly sip on a latte. Most times (for me at least) it's a mad rush to the store, in and out while I have goldfish crackers all over the stroller or shopping cart and three kiddos in tow.  It is of my own opinion, I NEED things shipped right to my door for ease, convenience. 

3. VALUE: I am a deal seeker at heart, my good friends used to call me (Clearance Kelli-NO JOKE) I see them silently giggling now. I am constantly looking for a good deal and there is no mistaking the value in subscription boxes. Most often times the retail value of the contents of the subscription box far outweigh the price one paid for their box. How great is that? Something that is convenience AND a great value!

4. REGIFTING OR SWAPPING THE GOODS: Oh come on, admit it.... Yes, you have re-gifted before (We all have right)? All these specialty items that are lovingly packed in subscription boxes make EXCELLENT gifts. Teachers, caregivers, employee appreciation day whatever the reason, there is usually a reason to say "thank you" and surprise someone special with a goodie that you didn't necessarily need but you know your BFF would! No one has to know it came in your subscription box and we certainly won't tell- promise!

5. VARIETY: Subscription boxes don't discriminate. There is something for everyone with a variety of items to look forward to each month. From food, sweet treats, stationary, jewelry, accessories, kitchenware, name it! There is a subscription box for that!

6. COUPONS & INCENTIVES:  We are so confidant you will like your subscription box that we always offer a coupon for a discount off of your first box.  Most often times, vendors will also throw in coupons or incentives so you can keep coming back to them for more of that fantastic scrub or mascara you tried in last months box. It's really just another way to save money while enjoying all the perks each month.

7. SOMETHING TO LOOK FORWARD TO: Our slogan here is "stalk your mailman".... Why? Because it's so true! If you are anything like me, I walk to the mailbox like a kid in a candy store when I know I have something I really want being shipped to me. I silently wait to hear the mail truck as the kids are napping when I know it's delivery day. In essence, I stalk our mailman!  By the way of your photos and happy emails, we know our subscribers get that warm fuzzy feeling when boxes have been shipped.

8. EARN FREE BOXES-BONUS POINTS: Many subscription box companies offer referral points or bonus points for either being a loyal subscriber, fan or referring friends to their company thus earning you all kids of rewards and incentives from free products to  complimentary monthly subscription boxes. Everything is awesome, everything is awesome when your part of the team! (AHEM, Sung from the Lego movie).

And there you have it according to Hello! Bliss Box!  8 extremely well defined benefits of subscription boxes.... so go out there,  Be Blissful and make the choice which box is right for you~ XO