5 Frugal & Fun Birthday Gifting Ideas! May 09, 2016 14:12

Birthdays are always in season and the only thing better than getting a gift you absolutely love is giving a gift you would have bought or yourself! Year after year, we struggle to find THE perfect gift for that hard to shop for friend, mom, wife or bestie.

Here's a few tried & true basics:

  1. Drop off a box of donuts or swing by with a mocha frappe soy latte.
  2. Surprise her at the office with a picnic lunch (or sneak away for a mimosa brunch).
  3. Bring homemade appetizers over to her place with a bottle of her favorite libation and binge on Netflix.
  4. Offer to babysit her kiddos for a few hours while she runs off and grabs a well-needed massage from your go-to masseuse in town "Hans".
  5. Give them a BIRTHDAY Bliss Box for $34.95....Nothing beats some good ol' #happymail and who doesn't just adore getting gifted by way of the postman?