Make your own tea diffuser- EASY! February 10, 2016 08:55

Did you simply fall in love with the Mermaid Blend tea by My Beauty Tea featured in February's "Retreat" themed box?  We secretly think it gives us fins.... plus who doesn't love to be a mermaid right? Many of you may not have a good ol' tea diffuser sitting in your kitchen we so wanted to share a super easy-peasy way to make your own out of tin foil!

STEP 1: The essentials

(Tin foil, loose tea)

STEP 2: Add loose tea to a small 7 x 6 piece of foil

STEP 3: Gather and twist into a turnip shape, tea should loosely fill the bottom of the shape

STEP 4: Poke small holes on the bottom on your turnip diffuser with a knife or any small pointed object. You will want the holes small enough that the loose tea cannot escape yet large enough to bring in enough water to steep the tea's flavor.

STEP 5: Fill your mug with steaming water (carefully) dip & bob your homemade diffuser in the water allowing for the tea's flavors to absorb in the water. At this point, you could also use kitchen tongs to dip your diffuser so as not to burn your fingers.... diffuse until the color of the water starts to change and your desired flavor is achieved!

Aaahhhh.... sit back and enjoy the rest of your goodies from February's Bliss Box!